StudentS' Reviews

As for Canada PR scoring 7 in ielts...

As for Canada PR scoring 7 in ielts, Elegance has facilitated me very well. Learning, at Elegance was a wonderful experience in all aspects. The teaching method, encouragement and right feedback provided by the faculties over here really made me improve in the modules which I was lacking the confidence. I would definitely suggest this institution for all IELTS aspirants.


Anusruthi.M, B.Sc Nursing

Learned to speak English very easily...

Learned to speak English very easily.. Easy and effective methods to study grammar and Communicative English... am rating 5. Elegance is an outstanding institution in the field of IELTS coaching.


Karthik.S, B.Tech

The faculties were well...

The faculties were well cooperating and paid individual attentions to their students. They also provided study materials for better performances provided with various facilities. They taught in an interesting and unique manner, where the classroom was filled with a pleasant atmosphere. It is the best place where one can fly with good vocab. Towards the end period, they didn't make a sense of regression for opting this institution and I was proud for my decision.


Sreelakshmi Sudheepan, Pharmacist

Thanks Elegance

Thanks Elegance for helping me to achieve good result. I got the confidence to face the exam and that lead me to get a good result. Wish you all the very best in your journey.


Dr. Lubra, MBBS

This is the best IELTS Institute...

I like Elegance. The way of teaching is very impressive to me. It is from a very short period. The trainers made learning very easy.


Sreejith.S, M.Sc, M.Phill

Thank you Elegance and management...

Thank you Elegance and management for helping me with my ielts exams. I had to take ielts. Went through lot of research in this regards, finally reached Elegance. It was a great experience, the staff and faculty were really encouraging and supportive. I passed my ielts in colors. I should thanks Elegance for their support. Their systematic approach and one on one as well as group sessions really helped me with my ielts.


Nayana Jibu, M.Sc Nurse

Excellent IELTS and spoken english coaching...

Excellent IELTS and spoken english coaching centre having well experienced tutors help us to achieve good score in IELTS. The best thing about this centre is the flexible working hours . Have a very good experience studying there and have cleared IELTS in my first attempt itself.


Jackson Chacko, M.Sc Nurse

Before joining Elegance...

Before joining Elegance, I made a lot of grammar mistakes while speaking. After attending a course here I am able to speak in English confidently. I also attended a speaking practice course which helped me to improve my English fluency.


Anupama Girish, M.Sc Physics, B.Ed

Elegance English Academy offers...

Elegance English Academy offers totally a stress free atmosphere. Even though it is situated at Tharekkad, Palakkad. it is very calm and quiet. Mentors are really help full, they provide individual training which really helps us to improve our scores. It is the best and friendly institution in the town. I am really happy and satisfied with this institution.


Babu. N.K , Asst. Professor

Elegance English academy an excellent place...

Elegance English academy an excellent place where anyone can improve their communication skills and self confidence. They have the most unique training methods by providing lot of practice sessions. The atmosphere and quality of teaching is among best you can find anywhere.


Rakesh.P.R, M.E (Asst.Prof.)